Should I Write or Not? – Why Should I Blog?

Should I Write Or Not

What is a blog? A blog is an informational website often informal diary-style text entry or posts aim to discuss specific ideas or topics.

Freedom of Speech is now widely exercised by everyone since the beginning of technical advancement and increasing social media platforms. People nowadays are able to voice out their opinions and can reach all kinds of internet users on a global scale. Blogging is the same as voicing out your opinion on social media platforms; the difference is you’re making your voice more personal and authoritative. Hence, you might ask yourself, should I also start a blog? Here are some reasons that might help you decide to get started.

Reasons for blogging:

 1. Communicate.

There are millions of blogs online aimed to communicate to readers by spreading information and news.

2. Self-improvement.

Should I write or not
Practice makes perfect.

There are lots of opportunities in writing including but not limited to writing other’s content to creating and selling your own eBook. Blogging consistently helps you improve your writing skills until you become better and better every day. As the cliché says, practice makes it perfect.

3. Opportunities.

As you build community and traffic, you will then be able to help them by knowing their needs and recommending solutions that can give you an opportunity to earn commissions from other people’s products or sell your own. Not only that, there are gigs that offer jobs in writing as well as being invited as the speaker in conferences.

4. Expertise.

Should I write or notAs you build your site through your blogs, you will eventually attract the audience that will see you as an authority to certain topics you choose to write about over a period, hence, they will see you as an authority.

5. Values.

Blogging gives you the sense of responsibility to spread responsible content that aims to inform, encourage, or help your readers.

6. Makes you become organized.

Blogging enables you to organize your schedules, thoughts, and ideas in order to present valuable information to your audience. You will learn to research for additional information as well as references for statistics and check and update your work every now and then to see if there are gaps in the discussions.

7. Enables you to story tell.

Blogging enables you to tell your own story, be it factual or fictional, express yourself in a way that you have never expressed before, and even promote your art or hobbies to your audience.

8. Expands your Network.

As you connect with your audience, you’ll be able to build a large community with the same interest and be of service to one another.

9. Enables you to use your time efficiently.

If you’re someone who thinks that your free time is wasted, you can start blogging, grow confidence along with your audience and eventually turn this into a thriving business online in the near future.

10. Make money.

Should I write or not?As you start growing your audience, you can monetize your website and have a side income that can match or even replace your primary sources of income through online opportunities such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping, selling your own products, and boost your offline business, among others.

11. Opportunity to learn new things.

Blogging is about sharing what you know, think, or observed around the world that is related to your chosen interest. Not only that, as you progress and do your research, you will be able to know other subjects that are related to blogging that you can use in the achievement of your goals and share it to your audience at the same time.

12. Builds your confidence.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to write and be found by people who share the same interest and thoughts, learn from them, accept if your wrong without losing your cool, and receive flattery when due. Eventually, it will remove your fear of voicing your opinion and be able to gain more knowledge in the process.

13. No experience required.

Since blogging allows you to talk about anything that interests you and other groups of people, it doesn’t require any experience to start one. Building your site and learning all about the technicalities of searching visibility is a matter of learning in the doing.

14. Free/Affordable.

There are platforms that allow you to start your own website for free and teaches you the step-by-step guide to getting started.

15. Boost your offline business.

Should I Write Or Not

According to a 2010 study by Kelsey group, 97% of consumers use online media to shop locally. What does this mean? It means consumer research first about a product before making a decision to buy. In short, blogging can influence consumers in their buying decisions. Having a blog that builds your authority about your business will influence your target market to entertain what you have to offer.

16. Makes you happy.

From personal experience, I find it joyful to know that I’m able to help readers in any kind of way. I love reading comments and tweets, knowing that people share the same thoughts and whose views my words have made them rethink and change for the better.

17. Live forever.

“The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.” -Andy Warhol. As you blog, your content stays in the space forever and can be read by generations even centuries after your death. No one needs to be physically present in order to live forever, you can build a legacy or name based on the number of people you were able to help or influence, if not art or science, you can start with blogging.

I, myself, have started from scratch. I looked for an online course that would teach me how to get started the right way and learn not only the basics but more importantly, can let me stand on my own in the future. Learn more by clicking the below button.


Have You Found Ways To Use Your Time Efficiently?

All great things take time to build. It’s better to use your time now and start doing something rather than letting days pass Should I Write Or Notthinking what to do without actually getting started on anything. You don’t have to be an expert to get started. All experts were once a beginner. What’s important is you’ve already taken a step. As you move forward, you will be amazed at getting to know a better version of you growing inside and out.


Is it for me?

If your primary reason for blogging is to make money NOW, then you won’t get it from getting started now. You will have to seek for other online opportunities that pay right away such as surveys, tasks completion, ad clicking, among others. Just make sure that time spent is worth the pennies earned.

However, since tapping and attracting audience take time, the best time to get started blogging is always right NOW, and then, you can monetize it later.

BUT, if you can resonate with any of the reasons above, YES this is for you. I can recommend you a free 10-lesson course and 2 free websites where I also get started in order for you to see for yourself how easy it is to get started. Writing content daily, once a week, or even once a month is alright, what’s important is, you are building something NOW. Learn how by clicking the below button.

If you do, I will be there to assist and guide you plus the entire community of like-minded people that thrive to share themselves and make a difference while turning their interests into an income-generating opportunity online.

Go Start Writing Now.

I’d be happy to know your thoughts in the comment section below.


All the best,
King Kong’s Girl

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing these benefits of blogging. I am little bit new to this field and really glad to read your article, it will help me a lot and also others who wanted to start blogging. Such a useful and great read I must say.

  2. Awesome post!
    You pretty much covered all the reasons why I’m blogging myself.
    I love your style.
    Great job, keep those posts coming!

  3. I love this! I never thought I could blog myself, but once you love the subject you are writing about, it is so easy to write forever lol 🙂 Very encouraging post! I love the different options you gave for blogging! It doesn’t just have to be for personal but for business as well! Great post!

  4. I wanted to start a blog years ago but didn’t because I didn’t know how to get started or even if my voice would be heard. I could have used an article like this back then. Anyone who puts the time in to blog can be successful if they keep at it. Thats what is so great about it.

  5. I find that my primary reason for writing is sharing my knowledge and expertise with other people out there looking to improve themselves. All of these points hit the nail on the head when it comes to writing good content and educating the world. Not many people understand that you can become an affiliate marketer and start your own website essentially with zero knowledge.

    Thanks for the getting started link, I can’t wait to see what the platform you use has to offer.
    Great article, keep up the good work as I thoroughly enjoy reading.

  6. Hi,

    Those are some incredible reasons why anyone should start blogging and learn to earn online. We all know more than we think and we some time that knowledge is interpreted into our own life experience. Thus, we become relatable to thousands of people all over the World. Training is needed and actually this, as fantastical as it sounds to those that have never done something like this before, is not as hard as it seems.

    Should you be sick of your 9 to 5 nightmare, as I was, are at a point in human history where you can occupy your space online to make potentially unlimited money from home. Don’t believe me – millions of people are currently doing this online right now as you read these words!! It is evident nearly every time you click on someone’s link.

    The choice is all ours to decide for our selves. Thank you so much for the inspiration to endeavor along this path.



    1. That’s true Philip. It’s amazing how technology has advanced not only our way of living but also the way we express ourselves and relate to each other. At the same time, use this to earn extra cash if not for a living.

  7. This is something I wish I had seen years ago. I can remember a time before the internet or at least before it hit the mainstream. I can remember hearing the blog and thinking who wants to hear what I have to say.
    Now, I am trying to play catch-up. I use the site you recommend in your article and have to say I have not found a better community or network of people. I have looked at many opportunities to make money on the internet and found that no matter what you get involved in it takes time to make any real money. You must put in the work. Blogging may take more time to see returns but in the end you are building a real business.

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better Corey. But that’s the beauty of life, we learn from the past. What matters is we never stop. Good luck on your future endeavors and cheers for more blessings and success!

  8. Thanks for sharing a list of good reasons why taking up blogging can be beneficial. You really came up with a few thoughts that did not cross my mind in the past. Thanks for sharing a great post and all the best to you on your blogging experience.
    Cheers 🙂

  9. I can’t wait for, 6. Makes you become organized, to kick in!
    Thanks for the info and the motivation. I sure need it sometimes.
    By the way, “KKGirl.” Does anyone call you that? LOL

    1. Hi CT, some, yes, (wink). The moment you realize you need to deliver contents on a consistent basis to add more value to your readers and at the same time, manage your time well, you won’t help but get organized. Wish you success!

  10. Hey this site can really help someone decide not only to blog but get a purpose. Your step by step walk leaves nothing out. You will have success for sure!

  11. Yes, Finally a blog post about Blogging the right way! Blogging is not only fun it makes me money from my efforts. The truest fact mentioned in your post. Is that blogging if done properly will boost your authority in your niche. making you that more popular in that niches community. Nice Post on Blogging

  12. Thanks for sharing the benefits of blogging. I am just getting into it myself and I love speaking my mind being creative. I love making content that will be here for years to come.All the best

  13. I started writing blog posts about a year ago now, specifically targeting a narrow niche to which I have an interest in. My aim was to eventually join a few affiliate marketing companies to accomplish earning commissions through affiliate links which I have recently done. Okay, these are early days but I have slowly started to earn money through conversions however my aim like you suggest is to replace my current income through this affiliate marketing venture.

    I was quite shy about blogging in the beginning, however, the role merely regards placing your own spin on things and being helpful to visitors. My best advice for anyone wishing to make money online this way is not to try and sell anything, people hate being sold to – just provide honest & helpful information.
    How long have you been blogging? You’ve written this post like a seasoned blogger – Well done!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Simon, I started blogging just recently. However, I love reading, speaking my mind, and writing journals. I may have subconsciously pick up how words should be put together in writing through reading, not to mention, bloggers always do research as well. I agree with you, people hate being sold to. Thank you for sharing your experience and advice. I’m on the process of learning when it comes to monetizing blogs. But what’s important now is, I’m enjoying the process, especially blogging itself. More success to you.

  14. There are so many great reasons to start a blog and you broke them down nicely. I just love writing about things I am passionate about and helping to educate others in the process. It puts a smile on my face when a reader that shares my interests comments on my post with the same level of enthusiasm as I have. It’s just great to connect with people that have similar interests. It’s just a bonus that you can also build a business around what you truly love. I will keep on blogging!

    1. I agree with you, Tabitha, I feel great too when someone leaves a comment and I can connect with them. It’s just so amazing to know other people’s perspectives on things you enjoy talking about. Same here, I will keep on blogging no matter what. All the best to you.

  15. I started keeping a diary of things I was doing, and decided to blog about them. It should be easy enough I am writing about it anyway.

    But not so easy you need to make your content interesting (as yours is), but my posts were boring even to me, so I stopped and decided to blog about something I am interested in instead.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Bill, we learn in two ways: Our own mistakes and others’. Life is a set of trial and error. So long as you’re not giving up, and continue doing it until you’re satisfied with your result, then you’re already a winner. I also have moved from relationship to positivity and mindset blogs. Just like you, I now am more comfortable blogging because this is what I’m really interested in. So just keep going, keep making mistakes and trying things, you’ll get it soon or late. Thank you for the kind words. Blessings to you!

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