How To Stop Worrying: 11 Tips You Shouldn’t Miss!

How To Stop Worrying

“Worrying will never change the outcome.”

“Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.” –Walt Disney

If you know tomorrow will never come, what would you do? Do you think anyone knows if tomorrow will actually come?

Stephen Hawking, known for Hawking radiation, was diagnosed not to live beyond 2 years in 1963 but was able to live 55 years more, even doctors can’t tell the exact years although evidence and proofs based on medical reports were clearly stating otherwise.

Nobody expected 9/11, or the Tsunami that killed thousands back in 2004, or any other calamities and natural occurrences that are not in our control, these instances are on a global scale.

The point is if you worry about these things, would your worries make any difference?

Now think about your situation right now, you have debts, heartaches, exam tomorrow, interview, trust issues. Who brought this to yourself? Is it your parents? Your siblings? Your spouse? Friends? Maybe it’s me. Or could it be you? Or maybe you worry about things you can’t do anything about?

If I can be a genie right now and I can spare you one wish, what would that be? To let those worries go, is it? Or maybe a solution to one of your many challenges will also do, am I right? That would be awesome!

And then as we move forward in life and encounter another adversity, we’d rather wish there’s another genie to solve our other worries, right?
Now, what if there is an actual genie in real life? How To Stop Worrying

What if the genie I’m referring to is YOU?

Yes, you! You are your own genie.

We just find it easier to worry than eliminate what’s causing our worries. We’d rather sit on one side, blame anyone or anything we can blame and think about our problems every single moment not realizing that in order for it to go away, all we have to do is make that wish come true! Stop worrying and focus on finding the solutions.

But Why Can’t We Just Couldn’t Stop Worrying?

Worrying has something to do with focus and priorities and is directly related to fear. You fear the outcomes and you become helpless because your focus was diverted to your fear rather than what you should be doing to solve the issue at hand.

If you change your focus and priorities, you’ll get rid of worries.

So let me be your genie right now and give you some treat, some tips on how to get rid of your worries.

How To Stop Worrying?

1. Let your worry out.

How To Stop Worrying

Have someone to talk to or if not, write about it.

Having someone you can talk about your worries can ease up the burden and can help you think straight.

If you have no one to talk to, make it a habit to have a pen and a note in order to write down and identify what’s causing your worries. It’s the same case about the importance of knowing what makes you unhappy.

2. Remember this, most of the things you worry about never actually happened.

How To Stop Worrying

Winston Churchill: “When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.”

As it was already mentioned, worries boil from fear of the outcome which is a future event. Again, how sure are we that future will come or whether things we worry about will happen? If you stop worrying about the outcomes, most of what causes you to worry will go.

3. Find out what you fear about.

How To Stop Worrying

If you can’t let go thinking about the outcome, the best you can do is face it. Ask this to yourself: Realistically, what are the worst things that could actually happen? Once you are able to answer this, find ways on what you can do in order for unlikely things to happen.

If you can do something about it, the best you can do is to do your best! Then man up and face it.

4. Separate the solvable from unsolvable issues.

How To Stop Worrying

Is there anything you can do to let these worries go or is it something that’s out of your control?

Some would say that thinking about something over and over again will make you come up with a solution that you thought isn’t there before.

Then here’s the thing, these things are part of the solvable issues. Unsolvable worries are things that rely solely on other people’s decision or natural circumstances. That’s why it’s very important that you distinguish the two carefully and if you can do anything about the solution at hand, formulate a plan and just do it.

Is it something not in your control? Then let it go. What? Just like that?

Yes, just like that. Come to think of it, if you have no control over the issue at hand, how will you be able to solve it? What can you do if you can’t do anything about something? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! So why dread about it?

5. Focus on the solution.

How To Stop Worrying

Never let your mind be drifted away from solving the problem. There are lots of noises around, as well as things that need your attention. Do not waste your time dwelling on a problem. As you become accustomed to smashing all obstacles that are coming your way, life will start to feel like an adventure as it is.

6. Do not assume what’s on other people’s mind.

How To Stop Worrying

The best thing to know what’s on other people’s mind is to ask. Communication is key. As you do this, you will less likely to worry about the other person because you know that openness prevents unnecessary conflicts and negativity.

7. Remember this; you have worries, so as others.

How To Stop Worrying

Most of the time, we always assume that people are thinking about us and are doing things directly related to us. This is not the actual case. We all have our own conflicts, worries, and challenges.

Help yourself by not thinking what they’re thinking and be considerate of others by being kind. Nothing they do is about you. It’s about them or a reflection of themselves. Same goes for you.

8. Work out or meditate.

How To Stop Worrying

Whatever works best for you.

Not only does working out gives you a stronger and healthier body, it also releases stress and keeps your mind busy, releasing tension and worries and clearing your mind. The same goes for meditation.

9. Spend fewer hours on social media.

How To Stop Worrying

More time spent in social media seeing how people do in their own lives can lead to the comparison of your own that can cause anxiety and emphasize more of the worries you have at the back of your mind.

10. Live in the moment.

How To Stop Worrying

All we have is NOW. Past is a memory and future is just imaginations. Do what you have to do now and deal whatever you have at hand. One action leads to another. Don’t waste today by worrying what will happen tomorrow or you’ll run out of time enjoying the present moment.

11. Pursue something.

How To Stop Worrying

The best way to keep your mind out of worries is to pursue something or set a goal. You might want to achieve more in your life but you aren’t taking the time to focus because of so many reasons you keep telling to yourself.

There might be health or financial goals but you thought you don’t have enough time. Learn how to use your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As you focus on pursuing something, you will have the habit of eliminating all issues or challenges that are coming your way, hence avoiding worries because your priority is in the pursuit of your goals.

Life isn’t as smooth as we dream it to be, but that’s what makes it more fun. If life is perfect, it’s kind of going to be boring, isn’t it? And the satisfaction of overcoming challenges adds confidence to your being.

So go ahead and find out what you can do to keep yourself busy.

Final Thoughts

I believe that the best way to release yourself from worries is to let go of the things you cannot change and just do what you have to do. There are higher powers above us if we let faith come into action.

Let it go. There is only so much we can do. It doesn’t mean we’re giving up. It only means we keep our trust in ourselves, in the best that we can do, and in that higher power that guided us since the beginning.

Don’t take life so seriously that you forget having fun. If you look outside of your zone, you will realize we are these tiny organisms that make up a vast universe. Continue your journey pursuing a goal and smashing anything that comes your way!

Have fun, live in the moment, face your worries, focus on the solution, move on, and enjoy life!

Now, will you rub yourself a little, unleash the Genie in you and make your dreams come true?

I’d be happy to know your thoughts in the comment section below.


All the best,
King Kong’s Girl


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  1. What a great article. I have always said, 98% of the things you worry about never come true and the other 2% you have no control over. This still doesn’t keep me from being a worry wart.

    I think a lot of these type of issues are programmed into us at an early age by our parents who probably suffered from the same thing.

    I recently have been trying to limit myself to social media, but that is an addiction that many now have adopted. My wife is a strong believer in meditation and that is something I have been trying to do late a night.

    My mother was raised in the 1930’s during the great depression, so a lot of that mentality I was raised with. I have tried shifting and with the help of my wife I have made great strides, This article is a good reminder for me as I progress.

    Thanks for the niche.

    1. Hi Don, most of our parents are the same as yours. You’re blessed to have a wife that can influence you to overcome old mentalities that don’t serve you best. I’m glad I can be an instrument to share a little reminder on how you can keep going. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. More blessings!

  2. Hi, What a great article, so true and absolutely right, especially for busy mums , I agree with you 100%, i also thinks the same that we need to pursue something to keep ourselves happy and busy and best it to pursue the thing that we like as hobby. As a mum we always get worried about little little things related to kids, home and family, all of your points are great, thank you. Looking forward for more awesome reads from you.

    1. Thank you Sarah, I’m glad you liked it. I can imagine how worried every mom can be for their little cuties and still have time to manage other things. Moms for me are real-life superheroes, like my mom! Blessings!

  3. Hi, King Kong’s Girl!

    Thank you very much for this inspirational post on our fears and how to try to get rid of them!

    I think Franklin D. Roosevelt was the one to say that “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
    It is true we will never be able to stop worrying at all, but we can always try to find a way to decrease the fear level.

    The other technique I use is the one you mention in the text: I believe that the best way to release yourself from worries is to let go of the things you cannot change and just do what you have to do

    I have to admit that when I was younger, I was worrying a lot more than now (I am 43). It may sound paradoxical, but this is how it worked with me.

    I think the main reason is in the course of time I gained knowledge about what is life and why we are here and live our life. Once I got clear about my mission, I am less worried about the trivial stuff.

    It is often that I repeat myself something you have mentioned here – the best way to release yourself from worries is to let go of the things you cannot change and just do what you have to do.

    Thank you for touching this topic!

    1. You’re welcome Tony. Like you, my experiences have a lot to do with how positive and focused I am now than before. Life is a cycle, one of the secret I realize to move forward is that same text about letting go. It has something to do with having faith on your faith. Thank you for your kind words. Appreciate your comment.

  4. No words.. Your article made my day I got a really bad news today morning and was tensed and worried. Your article just change my mood completely, I feel positive now. We are not going to get anything by getting worried.
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful article.

    1. That’s amazing, Bini. My pleasure to share. In future, you can always refer to this in case you have worries. Practice it until it becomes a habit to become mindful of focusing only on finding solutions if you can and letting go if you cannot.

  5. Great article. Great reminders.
    I have tried to practice and teach many of these for years but never get tired of being taught them. “We are leaky vessels” and need this kind of positive reinforcement.
    “Find out what you fear” is so, so valuable. I went through a time of great uncontrollable anxiety as so many have. And it took a long time to actually figure out the source. We are complex emotional and spiritual creatures that need one another.
    Thank you for this!

    1. There are common worries and there’s that lead to anxiety and depression which requires professional help already. I’m glad you were able to find it out on your own, you must be very determined in having a more positive and happier life. Kudos to that CT! I’m happy as well to be an instrument to share positive reinforcement and reminders. Appreciate your comment.

  6. Boy, how true this is. How right you are when you say worrying won’t help us in the slightest.
    I can definitely resonate with sharing our worries and thoughts with others. Having support has made a huge difference in my life. Whether by coaching or family, both have propelled me further towards my goals by shedding unnecessary cares and worries.

    I too agree with spending less time on Social Media, I have way more time to do other things. I do check up occasionally, but I prefer face to face engagement.

    1. Hi, I’m glad you can find time to workout. This really makes a big difference knowing if you can do something that requires a lot of effort and motivation, you can accomplish other things. I do have friends and colleagues who engage in physical activities and are very much more disciplined in other endeavours, hence reducing their time to worry about unnecessary stuff.

  7. Great article and let me just say, “You nailed it!” Yup, the root cause of worry is fear. We are fearful of so many things that may not even happen in our lifetime.

    I used to worry a lot too and some people told me that it’s normal because everyone is always worried about something. But when my worries started taking a toll on me, I got really scared. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep and so I started to lose weight. I was worried all the time, yet I couldn’t pinpoint what was it that’s worrying me.

    These 11 tips on how to stop worrying are great and helpful. But what really stuck to me is tip number 2, “Most of the thing we worry about never actually happen.” This is so true!

    And if you allow me, I would like to quote one of my favorite Bible verses about not worrying.

    “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7 (NLT)

    Worrying will not do us anything good. Instead, it hinders us from living life to the fullest.

    1. Hi Alice, thank you for your comment and sharing the Bible verse too. Sure, the Bible has all the answers on how we should deal with life. If we leave it all to God or to any higher power that others believe, we’ll be able to maintain our focus on more important things. As they say, have faith and just keep going. If we practice being mindful about these things, soon we’ll see the progress in living each day more grateful, thus, happier. Enjoy your day!

  8. This is a great article! And it is much needed. With social media giving us a bird’s eye view nowadays, people(including myself) are worrying more and more everyday. You have some really good tips to help with worrying and what could eventually turn into anxiety. I will be referencing this article when my worrying starts to take over. Thank you so much for this! You have a beautiful website too!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Davona. We have so much to take care of our daily lives and the people around us to take more from what social media are feeding us. I’m glad I can ease your worry by sharing some simple tips. Enjoy your day!

  9. I am moved by what you shared. It’s so true but often times I get trapped in my own worries. Focusing on the solution is THE SOLUTION. If I focus on the worries, problems, they probably become bigger than what they really are. Point 9 is dead on as well – the unnecessary comparison on social media is meaningless and detrimental to mental health. I realised that if someone posts something good or a success story on FB, it is reason to celebrate and learn from one another instead of tearing myself up because I am not that person.

    1. Hi Jude, I’m glad the article can do that. That’s right, instead of being critical to yourself, other’s success should be used as inspiration, aside from that, celebrating other’s success has the effect of bringing more success to our lives. Thank you for dropping by.

  10. This was such a great read. I know I’ve spent far too long on social media platforms and thinking I know what’s going on in other peoples mind. From not on I’m going to live in the moment and PLAN for the future. This has seemed to work great for a lot of people so I’m going to give it a try. Thanks a lot for all your help.

  11. Hi, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this article. I can identify with a lot of the points you raised, in particular, #2 and #3. We tend to worry about things we have no control of or as you put it the fear of unknown.

    The past is gone, we can’t undo what has already been done. We don’t know what the future will bring so there is no point worrying about it too much. The only thing in our control is what is happening right now. I guess it is all to do with our thoughts which then triggers the happy or unhappy feelings and emotions.

    I enjoyed reading your article and find the tips to be very helpful and educational. Thank you for bringing these issues into our awareness.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes

    1. Appreciate your comment Rabia, I have wished to spread positive vibes and influence positive outlook to readers, hence when I see comment like yours, it makes more inspired to deliver. Thank you for your comment. More blessings to you!

  12. I really appreciate your post! It reminds me of a book I read called “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Luis. He reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. The four agreements are be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions and always do your best. Reminding myself of these principles helps to keep me in the moment. Combined with meditation I am able to stay in the moment letting go of external distracting forces.

    1. Hi Stacy, I haven’t read the book in full but read the synopsis, it’s on my list of books to read but haven’t got the time. : ) Thank you for reminding me. I’m glad I’ve been continuously meeting people who’re on their journey of living a more positive life. Keep it up!

  13. Hi, King Kong’s girl,

    It’s like this article has been written especially for me:)
    I was born anxious, and since I am a baby, I worry about anything. Now it’s even worth because I have children and I am most of the time worrying about them. Your article made me feel so good, and that is so true that most things we worry about do not happen. Just a question, please. How would people do things in life if they don’t worry at all? I mean, Most projects I started were because I was worry or not happy about something and I want to make some changes. Don’t you think that worries can have a good impact on our life sometimes?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. You’re welcome, Daniella. Thank you for your comment as well. I’m glad the article was able to make you feel good. 

      Regarding your question, challenges and problems are inevitable. Once they arise, we as humans can’t help but start to worry at the same time. The difference lies in how we deal with our worries.

      What’s important then is that we get ourselves back together and stop worrying, that we do not let it stop us from moving forward and doing what needs to be done, instead use it as a chance to grow and learn by challenging ourselves to overcome each and every issue coming our way. Or better yet, come out with an idea that can improve not only our lives but others as well, just like how you dealt with yours. 🙂

  14. I believe that to worry about things and circumstances stop you from progressing in your life pursuits. The time one spends worrying is the time that could be focusing finding a positive out of your situation. Besides worry is negative energy and with that, you will attract negative energy. So stay positive.

    1. I’m with you, Maurice. Although we can’t help sometimes to get worried, spending more time worrying robs us the chance to find solutions and exposes us to a lot more negative vibes. Thank you for your comment.

  15. This is awesome. Love the quote at the beginning.
    Walt Disney knew what he was talking about.
    The number one thing I do to stop worrying is to workout. Let off a bit of rage and worries on the treadmill or boxing bag and feel better after it.

  16. I enjoyed reading your article. I’m such a worrier! Even when things are going well, I’ll find something to worry about. You shared some great tips here on how to worry less… I’m definitely going to take this on board. Thanks for sharing, cheers, Karen

  17. Interesting article and so true. I agree particularly with your comments about having something to pursue. It’s not good to have an idle mind, it leaves more space for worries to creep in.
    Thanks for sharing your insights

    1. That’s true Ann, when we’re all by ourselves and we run out of things to do, that’s when we think a lot about the things around us. And since we have time to spare thinking, we become prone to overthinking, then worrying.

  18. This post is singing to me!
    So many people need to read this. I love all your tips.

    When I have an extremely worrying mind, I do a fear setting exercise where I write down all my fears, and worst case outcomes, likely outcomes and was to reduce or eliminate unwanted outcomes. Works every time to release the worrying.

  19. Hey, King Kong’s Girl
    Lot of good information you shared. I totally agree with a lot of what you said living one day at a time is good advice. Yesterday is a canceled check and tomorrow is a promissory note. So all we have is the now. A person has to have life goals but do not set them in concrete. Work toward them in small steps. The only person you can change is you.

    1. Hi Joe, there are things we cannot control and that’s when faith comes into action. For things we can control, all we have is now. We just have to do what we need to do. Appreciate your comment.

  20. Hi Jenni,
    What a great post. So true, worry doesn’t get you anywhere. Some people seem to look for things to worry about. Have learnt to find more positive people to be with as the negative ones can pull you down.
    Judging from all the replies you have to this post, you certainly touched a nerve.
    Thank you.

  21. Jenni, I enjoyed reading this article and agree with you that we all tend to worry too much. I know I do, especially about my daughter and her missionary family living in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. My two young, precious grandsons are there too, and I miss all of them and do worry about their health and safety. PNG is on the “Ring of Fire” and has recently had some major earthquakes (up to 7.0 in strength). This had increased my anxiety and I have to keep “giving them to our loving God” over and over again. I find that prayer works for me as well as staying busy. You have some good suggestions for dealing with worry. I’ll be taking advantage of several of them. You have a great day. – Shirley

    1. I’m glad that you can find it useful Shirley. Worrying is part of our daily lives, but it shouldn’t take over it especially on things we cannot do something about. On things we can control, worrying keeps us from thinking about a solution by spending time thinking about what could happen wrong. Appreciate your comment. Enjoy your day as well.

  22. A great post. As a counselor, I hear many young people’s worries, anxieties and fears on a regular basis. Many of what you shared is very relevant for those who experience these worries. I myself am not immune to worries either, and have found that practicing mindfulness on a regular basis has helped me grow my psychological flexibility. This means when I notice a worrying thought, I can choose to sit with it in a non judgmental way, or choose a different thought so I don’t focus on the worry. I’ve found this to take regular practice, just like learning any new skill, but well worth the attention. Finding something else to focus on is also really helpful for me including breathing and reminding myself to be present. And finally, my favorite way of managing worrying thoughts is meditating. Thanks for sharing a great post which covers it all 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked it, Kat. I agree with you, practicing mindfulness is very helpful in diverting our focus from things that tend to send us in the negative zone, in this case worrying, to the positive ones. Worrying is but normal, but dwelling on it is what determines how we’re going to deal with our situations. Appreciate your time to share your thoughts.

  23. This post was a real eye-opener and I enjoyed it very much, it has a lot of content and information that people could implement into their life. I myself do have worries all the time and it only gets worse after time, the more you worry the more you are going to worry in the future. In today’s world worrying is a huge part of life and it’s all up to the individual to improve their worries level.

    Keep up the great work and I wish you the best of luck.

    1. I agree with you Waldo, the more we worry, the more worries we will have in the future. The reason is, it becomes a habit as well. Plus, what we think, we only expand. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Best of luck to you as well.

  24. This is really good! Had to save this to my pocket app so I have it ready when I need. Just had that situation a few days ago when I asked myself: Does worrying about THIS change anything? It makes me feel miserable, but it doesn’t help at all! Now, these actionable steps are real gold and I’m gonna try them out, you bet!

    Thanks for this,

    1. Hi Chris, I’m glad you find it helpful. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. We all have worries on a daily basis. The trick is to be conscious of how to deal with these worries rather than dwelling on them and taking yourself into undesirable and unnecessary places by overthinking.

  25. I am definitely one of those that excessively worries. It seems unstoppable. I like to have everything in order and really just all things the way they should be. So I worry, when things are not how I want them to be. Its kind of uncontrollable. So this information is great. I am going to try some of these ideas, because just telling my self to stop worrying does not work.

    1. Hi Matts Mom, I believe your main issue here is the obsession to take control of all things. I was like this before. Until I came across Yoda’s quote which is now my favorite, “Let go of the things you’re afraid to lose.” If things are not in your control, you definitely cannot do something about it. So I always keep in mind to just do what I can, and have peace that I did my best in order to make things the way I want it. I hope the article can help you in any way.

  26. Nice article… thanks for giving me a since of direction on how to move forward with my worries. I know we all have our worries but just knowing how to make this emotion less stressful has been helpful.

    1. I’m glad you find it helpful, Owassa. Always good vibes only and know that although it is a must to do things now focusing on what you want to achieve in the future, worrying about it will only freeze you. Just do what you can! Thank you for your comment.

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